Nebraska Revised Statute 66-303

Chapter 66


Department of Environment and Energy; duties; report; contents; legislative vote.

(1) The Department of Environment and Energy shall also prepare a report that assesses the effects of the state plan for regulating carbon dioxide emissions from covered electric generating units on:

(a) The electric power sector, including:

(i) The type and amount of electric generating capacity within the state that is likely to retire or switch to another fuel;

(ii) The stranded investment in electric generating capacity and other infrastructure;

(iii) The amount of investment necessary to offset retirements of electric generating capacity and maintain generation reserve margins;

(iv) Potential risks to electric reliability, including resource adequacy risks and transmission constraints; and

(v) The amount by which retail electricity prices within the state are forecast to increase or decrease; and

(b) Employment within the state, including direct and indirect employment effects within affected sectors of the state's economy.

(2) The department shall complete the report required under this section at least thirty days prior to submitting the state plan prepared pursuant to section 66-302 and shall electronically submit to the Legislature a copy of such report.

(3) If the Legislature is in session when it receives the report, the Legislature may vote on a nonbinding legislative resolution endorsing or disapproving the state plan based on the findings of the report.