Nebraska Revised Statute 66-2205

Chapter 66


Department; determine amount of grants; cost-share agreement; award; limitation.

(1) The department shall determine the amount of the grants to be awarded under the program. The department shall award grants to the maximum number of qualified applicants and may approve up to one million dollars in grants in any calendar year.

(2) The department shall approve and execute a cost-share agreement according to terms and conditions set by the department with an eligible person whose application is approved by the department for such grant. Such cost-share agreement shall state the total costs related to improving a retail motor fuel site, the amount of the grant, and whether the agreement is for a three-year or five-year period.

(3) In awarding grants under the program, an award shall not exceed (a) fifty percent of the estimated cost of the improvement or thirty thousand dollars, whichever is less, for a three-year cost-share agreement, or (b) seventy percent of the estimated costs of making the improvement or fifty thousand dollars, whichever is less, for a five-year cost-share agreement. The department may approve multiple improvements to the same retail motor fuel site so long as the total amount of the grants does not exceed the limitations in this subsection.