Nebraska Revised Statute 66-2102

Chapter 66


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 66-2101 to 66-2107:

(1) City means a city of the first or second class or village;

(2) Jurisdictional utility has the same meaning as in section 66-1802;

(3) Natural gas pipeline facility means a pipeline, pump, compressor, or storage or other facility, structure, or property necessary, useful, or incidental in the transportation of natural gas; and

(4) Rural infrastructure development means planning, financing, development, acquisition, construction, owning, operating, and maintaining a natural gas pipeline facility or entering into agreements with an interstate pipeline for existing, new, or expanded capacity on the interstate pipeline's system for the transportation of natural gas necessary to supply unserved or underserved areas; and

(5) Unserved or underserved area means an area in this state lacking adequate natural gas pipeline capacity to meet the demand of existing or potential end-use customers as determined by the jurisdictional utility presently serving the area. Unserved or underserved area does not include any area within a city of the primary or metropolitan class.