Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1810

Chapter 66


Service to high-volume ratepayers, agricultural ratepayers, and interruptible ratepayers; jurisdictional utility; powers.

(1) A jurisdictional utility may provide service at negotiated rates, contracts, and terms and conditions of service under contract to high-volume ratepayers. Service under the contracts shall be provided on such terms and conditions and for such rates or charges as the jurisdictional utility and the high-volume ratepayer agree, without regard to any rates, tolls, tariffs, or charges the jurisdictional utility may have filed with the commission. Upon the request of the commission, the jurisdictional utility shall file such contracts with the commission. The contracts are not public records within the meaning of sections 84-712 to 84-712.09 and their disclosure to any other person or corporation for any purpose is expressly prohibited, except that they may be used by the commission in any investigation or proceeding. Except as provided in this subsection, high-volume ratepayers shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of the commission.

(2) A jurisdictional utility may change any rate or other charge demanded or received from or terms and conditions applicable to its agricultural ratepayers and interruptible ratepayers not otherwise qualifying as high-volume ratepayers, upon notice to the commission and to the public. The commission may not suspend such rate or charge filed by a jurisdictional utility, except that the commission, after hearing and order, may change any such rate or other charge demanded or received from a jurisdictional utility's agricultural ratepayers upon complaint effective as of the date of the order, if such rate or other charge is found in such complaint proceeding to be unduly preferential or unjustly discriminatory. The provisions of this subsection apply notwithstanding any provision in the State Natural Gas Regulation Act to the contrary.