Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1805

Chapter 66


Rules and regulations; commission; additional powers; Attorney General; duties.

(1) The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to govern its proceedings and with regard to the mode and manner of all investigations, tests, audits, inspections, filings, and hearings. The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing matters in the State Natural Gas Regulation Act and in furtherance of the act, including, but not limited to:

(a) Procedures and requirements for applications for rate and tariff changes;

(b) Requirements for jurisdictional utilities to maintain and make available to the public and the commission records and information;

(c) Requirements and procedures regarding customer billings and meter readings;

(d) Requirements regarding availability of meter tests;

(e) Requirements regarding billing adjustments for meter errors;

(f) Procedures and requirements for handling customer disputes and complaints;

(g) Procedures and requirements regarding temporary service, changes in location of service, and service interruptions;

(h) Standards and procedures to ensure nondiscriminatory credit policies;

(i) Procedures, requirements, and record-keeping guidelines regarding deposit policies;

(j) Procedures, requirements, and record-keeping guidelines regarding customer refunds;

(k) Policies for refusal of natural gas service;

(l) Policies for disconnection and transfer of natural gas service;

(m) Customer payment plans for delinquent bills;

(n) Requirements regarding advertising;

(o) The assessment and taxation of costs and fees;

(p) Procedures, requirements, and policies regarding the preservation, confidentiality, and disclosure of records in the possession of the commission; and

(q) Reporting requirements for transactions involving affiliated interests of jurisdictional utilities.

(2) The commission may:

(a) Confer with officers of other states and officers of the United States on any matter pertaining to the commission's official duties;

(b) Enter into and establish fair and equitable cooperative agreements or contracts with or act as an agent or licensee for the United States, or any official, agency, or instrumentality thereof, or any similar commission of another state, for the purpose of carrying out the commission's duties and to that end receive and disburse any contributions, grants, or other financial assistance as a result of or pursuant to such agreements or contracts; and

(c) Make joint investigations, hold joint hearings within or outside the state, and issue joint or concurrent orders in conjunction or concurrence with such official, agency, instrumentality, or commission.

(3) The Attorney General, when requested, shall give the commission such counsel and advice as the commission may from time to time require. The Attorney General shall aid and assist the commission in all judicial hearings, suits, and proceedings in which the commission requests the Attorney General's assistance.