Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1422

Chapter 66


Suspension of license or permit; reasons; notice; hearing; order; revocation; reinstatement fee; request to reinstate revoked license.

(1) Any license or permit issued by the department under the motor fuel laws may be suspended for the following reasons:

(a) Cancellation of security;

(b) Failure to provide additional security as required;

(c) Failure to file any report or return, filing an incomplete report or return, or not filing electronically, within the time provided;

(d) Failure to pay taxes due within the time provided;

(e) Filing of any false report, return, statement, or affidavit, knowing it to be false;

(f) Using or placing dyed diesel fuel in a motor vehicle except as authorized under section 66-495.01;

(g) A licensee no longer being eligible to obtain a license or permit; or

(h) Any other violation by a licensee of the agreement or the rules and regulations.

(2) The department shall mail notice of suspension of any license or permit.

(3) The licensee or permitholder may, within thirty days after the mailing of the notice of such suspension, petition the department in writing for a hearing and reconsideration of such suspension. If a petition is filed, the department shall, within twenty days of receipt of the petition, set a hearing date at which the licensee or permitholder may show cause why his or her suspended license or permit should not be canceled. The department shall give the licensee or permitholder reasonable notice of the time and place of such hearing. Within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the hearing, the department shall issue an order either reinstating or revoking such license or permit.

(4) If a petition is not filed within the thirty-day period, the suspended license or permit shall be revoked by the department at the expiration of the period.

(5) Any reissuance of a permit or license to the same person within three years from the date of revocation shall require a reinstatement fee of one hundred dollars to be submitted to the department. The department shall remit the fee to the State Treasurer for credit to the Highway Cash Fund.

(6) Suspension or revocation of a license or permit issued by the department shall not relieve any person from making or filing the reports or returns required by the motor fuel laws in the manner or within the time required.

(7) The licensee or permitholder may request in writing that the department consider reinstating a revoked license. The department shall make a final determination to reinstate or not reinstate and communicate its decision in writing to the licensee or permitholder within thirty days of receipt of the request.