Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1104

Chapter 66


Owner of mineral estate; right of entry; lease of state-owned geothermal resources.

(1) When the subsurface or mineral estate in land has been severed from the overlying surface estate, the owner of the subsurface or mineral estate shall have the right to enter upon the overlying surface estate at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner to prospect for, produce, and transport geothermal resources. Fair and equitable compensation shall be paid to the owner of the overlying surface estate for the exercise of such right of entry. The right of entry granted in this section shall not include the right to construct surface facilities for onsite utilization of geothermal energy.

(2) The Board of Educational Lands and Funds shall have the authority to lease state-owned geothermal resources under the procedures contained in Chapter 72, article 3.


  • Laws 1982, LB 708, § 4.