Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1065

Chapter 66


Energy financing contract; contents; energy service company; bond requirements.

(1) Any energy financing contract entered into by a governmental unit shall:

(a) Detail the responsibilities of a Nebraska-licensed professional engineer in the design, installation, and commissioning of the energy conservation measures selected by the governmental unit. Any design shall conform to all statutes of the State of Nebraska pertaining to engineering design and public health, safety, and welfare;

(b) Set forth the calculated energy, utility, wastewater, or water cost savings or revenue enhancements, if applicable, during the contract period attributable to the energy conservation measures to be installed by the energy service company. Operational or capital savings or revenue enhancements may be included in the total savings amount, not guaranteed, but approved by the governmental unit;

(c) Estimate the useful life of each of the selected energy conservation measures;

(d) Provide that, except for obligations on termination of the contract prior to its expiration, payments on the contract are to be made over time, within a period not to exceed thirty years after the date of the installation of the energy conservation measures provided for under the contract;

(e) Provide that the calculated savings for each year of the contract period will meet or exceed all payments to be made during each year of the contract;

(f) Disclose the effective interest rate being charged by the energy service company; and

(g) In the case of a guaranteed savings contract, set forth the method by which savings will be calculated and a method of resolving any dispute in the amount of the savings. The energy service company shall have total responsibility for the savings guarantee for each guaranteed savings contract. Surplus savings realized during any year of the guaranteed savings contract shall be applied to future years' savings results.

(2) An energy service company entering into an energy financing contract shall provide a performance bond to the governmental unit in an amount equal to one hundred percent of the total cost of the implementation, installation, or construction of the energy conservation measures under the applicable energy financing contract to assure the company's faithful performance. The energy service company shall also supply a guarantee bond equal to one hundred percent of the guaranteed energy savings for the entire term of the contract.