Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1004

Chapter 66


Energy conservation measure, defined.

Energy conservation measure shall mean installing or using any:

(1) Caulking or weatherstripping of doors or windows;

(2) Furnace efficiency modifications involving electric service;

(3) Clock thermostats;

(4) Water heater insulation or modification;

(5) Ceiling, attic, wall, or floor insulation;

(6) Storm windows or doors, multiglazed windows or doors, or heat absorbing or reflective glazed window and door material;

(7) Devices which control demand of appliances and aid load management;

(8) Devices to utilize solar energy, biomass, or wind power for any energy conservation purpose, including heating of water and space heating or cooling, which have been identified by the Department of Environment and Energy as an energy conservation measure for the purposes of sections 66-1001 to 66-1011;

(9) High-efficiency lighting and motors;

(10) Devices which are designed to increase energy efficiency, the utilization of renewable resources, or both; and

(11) Such other conservation measures as the department shall identify.