Nebraska Revised Statute 64-418

Chapter 64


Provisions governing online notary public; online notarial act; not available for certain requirements.

(1) Sections 64-101 to 64-119 and 64-211 to 64-215 and the Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act govern an online notary public unless the provisions of such sections and act are in conflict with the Online Notary Public Act, in which case the Online Notary Public Act controls.

(2) An online notarial act performed under the Online Notary Public Act satisfies any requirement of law of this state that a principal appear before, appear personally before, or be in the physical presence of a notary public at the time of the online notarial act except for requirements under:

(a) A law governing the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary trusts; or

(b) The Uniform Commercial Code other than article 2 and article 2A.

(3) The Electronic Notary Public Act does not apply to online notarial acts or online public notaries acting under the Online Notary Public Act.

Cross References

  • Electronic Notary Public Act, see section 64-301.
  • Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act, see section 64-209.