Nebraska Revised Statute 64-202

Chapter 64


Notarial act; performance; proof of authority; maintenance of records.

(1) If the notarial act is performed by any of the persons described in sections 64-201 to 64-204, other than a person authorized to perform notarial acts by the laws or regulations of a foreign country, the signature, rank, or title and serial number, if any, of the person are sufficient proof of the authority of a holder of that rank or title to perform the act. Further proof of his or her authority shall not be required.

(2) If the notarial act is performed by a person authorized by the laws or regulations of a foreign country to perform the act, there is sufficient proof of the authority of that person to act if:

(a) Either a foreign service officer of the United States resident in the country in which the act is performed or a diplomatic or consular officer of the foreign country resident in the United States certifies that a person holding that office is authorized to perform the act;

(b) The official seal of the person performing the notarial act is affixed to the document; or

(c) The title and indication of authority to perform notarial acts of the person appears either in a digest of foreign law or in a list customarily used as a source of such information.

(3) An apostille in the form prescribed by the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, shall conclusively establish that the signature of the notarial officer is genuine and that the officer holds the designated office. The Secretary of State or his or her deputy shall be authorized to sign the apostille.

(4) The Secretary of State may authorize the use of computers to maintain necessary records dealing with notaries public in the State of Nebraska.