Nebraska Revised Statute 61-302

Chapter 61


Legislative findings and declarations.

(1) The Legislature finds that it is essential to the economic prosperity, health, and welfare of the people of the State of Nebraska, and to the environmental health of the entire Platte River Basin, to protect Nebraska's full entitlement to the flows of the South Platte River as provided for in the South Platte River Compact. The South Platte River Compact is the law of Nebraska and of the United States that specifically authorizes Nebraska to develop a canal and associated storage facilities for the diversion of water from the South Platte River for beneficial use in Nebraska.

(2) The Legislature declares that a canal and associated storage facilities, which shall be known as the Perkins County Canal Project, shall be developed, constructed, managed, and operated under the authority of the State of Nebraska consistent with the South Platte River Compact and pursuant to the Perkins County Canal Project Act.