Nebraska Revised Statute 60-698

Chapter 60


Accident; failure to stop; penalty.

(1) Any person convicted of violating section 60-697 relative to the duty to stop in the event of certain accidents shall be guilty of (a) a Class IIIA felony if the accident resulted in an injury to any person other than a serious bodily injury as defined in section 60-6,198 or death or (b) a Class III felony if the accident resulted in the death of any person or serious bodily injury as defined in section 60-6,198.

(2) The court shall, as part of the judgment of conviction, order such person not to drive any motor vehicle for any purpose for a period of not less than one year nor more than fifteen years from the date ordered by the court and shall order that the operator's license of such person be revoked for a like period. The order of the court shall be administered upon sentencing, upon final judgment of any appeal or review, or upon the date that any probation is revoked, whichever is later.



  • The grade of the offense is determined by the maximum punishment authorized. Carr v. State, 152 Neb. 248, 40 N.W.2d 677 (1950).

  • This section provides penalty for violation of statutory provisions requiring driver to stop in event of an accident. Behrens v. State, 140 Neb. 671, 1 N.W.2d 289 (1941).