Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,243

Chapter 60


Load projecting to rear; red flag or red light required.

Whenever the load on any vehicle extends more than four feet beyond the rear of the bed or body thereof, there shall be displayed at the end of such load in such position as to be clearly visible at all times from the rear of such load a red flag not less than twelve inches both in length and width, except that between sunset and sunrise, there shall be displayed at the end of any such load a red light plainly visible under normal atmospheric conditions at least two hundred feet from the rear of such vehicle.



  • Failure of driver to display lights on overhanging load when it is dark, as required by law, is evidence of negligence. Moore v. Nisley, 133 Neb. 474, 275 N.W. 827 (1937).

  • A failure to comply with requirements of this section is not negligence per se, but is evidence of negligence. LaFleur v. Poesch, 126 Neb. 263, 252 N.W. 902 (1934).