Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,226

Chapter 60


Brake and turnsignal light requirements; exceptions; signaling requirements.

(1) Any motor vehicle having four or more wheels which is manufactured or assembled, whether from a kit or otherwise, after January 1, 1954, designed or used for the purpose of carrying passengers or freight, any autocycle, or any trailer, in use on a highway, shall be equipped with brake and turnsignal lights in good working order.

(2) Motorcycles other than autocycles, motor-driven cycles, motor scooters, bicycles, electric personal assistive mobility devices, vehicles used solely for agricultural purposes, vehicles not designed and intended primarily for use on a highway, and, during daylight hours, fertilizer trailers as defined in section 60-326 and implements of husbandry designed primarily or exclusively for use in agricultural operations shall not be required to have or maintain in working order signal lights required by this section, but they may be so equipped. The operator thereof shall comply with the requirements for utilizing hand and arm signals or for utilizing such signal lights if the vehicle is so equipped.

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