Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,179.01

Chapter 60


Use of handheld wireless communication device; prohibited acts; enforcement; violation; penalty.

(1) This section does not apply to an operator of a commercial motor vehicle if section 60-6,179.02 applies.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (3) of this section, no person shall use a handheld wireless communication device to read a written communication, manually type a written communication, or send a written communication while operating a motor vehicle which is in motion.

(3) The prohibition in subsection (2) of this section does not apply to:

(a) A person performing his or her official duties as a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, an ambulance driver, or an emergency medical technician; or

(b) A person operating a motor vehicle in an emergency situation.

(4) Enforcement of this section by state or local law enforcement agencies shall be accomplished only as a secondary action when a driver of a motor vehicle has been cited or charged with a traffic violation or some other offense.

(5) Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a traffic infraction. Any person who is found guilty of a traffic infraction under this section shall be assessed points on his or her motor vehicle operator's license pursuant to section 60-4,182 and shall be fined:

(a) Two hundred dollars for the first offense;

(b) Three hundred dollars for a second offense; and

(c) Five hundred dollars for a third and subsequent offense.

(6) For purposes of this section:

(a) Commercial motor vehicle has the same meaning as in section 75-362;

(b)(i) Handheld wireless communication device means any device that provides for written communication between two or more parties and is capable of receiving, displaying, or transmitting written communication.

(ii) Handheld wireless communication device includes, but is not limited to, a mobile or cellular telephone, a text messaging device, a personal digital assistant, a pager, or a laptop computer.

(iii) Handheld wireless communication device does not include an electronic device that is part of the motor vehicle or permanently attached to the motor vehicle or a handsfree wireless communication device; and

(c) Written communication includes, but is not limited to, a text message, an instant message, electronic mail, and Internet websites.