Nebraska Revised Statute 60-497

Chapter 60


Conviction of offense authorizing revocation of operator's license; surrender of license; when required; duty of director to revoke.

Whenever any person is convicted of any offense for which the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act or the Nebraska Rules of the Road authorizes the revocation of the operator's license, the court in which such conviction is had shall, if revocation is adjudged, require the surrender to it of all operators' licenses then held by the person so convicted. The court shall thereupon forward the operators' licenses together with the action and findings of the court, as provided for in sections 60-497.01 to 60-497.04, to the director. Every court having jurisdiction over offenses committed under the act or any other law of this state regulating the operation of motor vehicles on highways or streets shall forward, in the manner and form provided for in such sections, the action and findings of the court to the director upon the conviction of any person in such court for a violation of any of such laws.

The director shall, upon receipt of such abstract of the judgment of conviction, immediately revoke the operator's license of the person so convicted, as provided in the abstract of the judgment of conviction.

For purposes of the act and the rules, conviction shall mean a final conviction, and forfeiture of bail or collateral deposited to secure a defendant's appearance in court, which forfeiture has not been vacated, shall be equivalent to a conviction.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Rules of the Road, see section 60-601.


  • Loss of privilege of operating a motor vehicle by suspension or revocation is determinable from records of Department of Motor Vehicles. State v. Ruggiere, 180 Neb. 869, 146 N.W.2d 373 (1966).