Nebraska Revised Statute 60-483

Chapter 60


Operator's license; numbering; records; abstracts of operating records; fees; information to United States Selective Service System; when; reciprocity agreement with foreign country.

(1) The director shall assign a distinguishing number to each operator's license issued and shall keep a record of the same which shall be open to public inspection by any person requesting inspection of such record who qualifies under section 60-2906 or 60-2907. Any person requesting such driver record information shall furnish to the Department of Motor Vehicles (a) verification of identity and purpose that the requester is entitled under section 60-2906 or 60-2907 to disclosure of the personal information in the record, (b) the name of the person whose record is being requested, and (c) when the name alone is insufficient to identify the correct record, the department may request additional identifying information. The department shall, upon request of any requester, furnish a certified abstract of the operating record of any person, in either hard copy or electronically, and shall charge the requester a fee of three dollars per abstract.

(2) The department shall remit any revenue generated under subsections (1) through (5) of this section to the State Treasurer, and the State Treasurer shall credit eight and one-third percent to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund, fifty-eight and one-third percent to the General Fund, and thirty-three and one-third percent to the Records Management Cash Fund.

(3) The director shall, upon receiving a request and an agreement from the United States Selective Service System to comply with requirements of this section, furnish driver record information to the United States Selective Service System to include the name, post office address, date of birth, sex, and social security number of licensees. The United States Selective Service System shall pay all costs incurred by the department in providing the information but shall not be required to pay any other fee required by law for information. No driver record information shall be furnished to the United States Selective Service System regarding any female, nor regarding any male other than those between the ages of seventeen years and twenty-six years. The information shall only be used in the fulfillment of the required duties of the United States Selective Service System and shall not be furnished to any other person.

(4) The director shall keep a record of all applications for operators' licenses that are disapproved with a brief statement of the reason for disapproval of the application.

(5) The director may establish a monitoring service which provides information on operating records that have changed due to any adjudicated traffic citation or administrative action. The director shall charge a fee of six cents per operating record searched pursuant to this section and the fee provided in subsection (1) of this section for each abstract returned as a result of the search.

(6) Driver record header information, including name, license number, date of birth, address, and physical description, from every driver record maintained by the department may be made available so long as the Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act is not violated. Monthly updates, including all new records, may also be made available. There shall be a fee of eighteen dollars per thousand records. All fees collected pursuant to this subsection shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund.

(7) The department may enter into a reciprocity agreement with a foreign country to provide for the mutual recognition and reciprocal exchange of a valid operator's license issued by this state or the foreign country if the department determines that the licensing standards of the foreign country are comparable to those of this state. Any such agreement entered into by the department shall not include the mutual recognition and reciprocal exchange of a commercial driver's license.

(8) Beginning July 1, 2021, for any record provided pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the requester shall be required to pay, in addition to the fee prescribed in such subsection, a fee of four dollars and fifty cents per record. Fifty cents shall be credited to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund and four dollars shall be credited to the Operator's License Services System Replacement and Maintenance Fund.


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Cross References

  • Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, see section 60-2901.