Nebraska Revised Statute 60-474

Chapter 60


Operator's or driver's license, defined.

Operator's or driver's license shall mean any license or permit to operate a motor vehicle issued under the laws of this state, including:

(1) Any replacement license or instruction permit;

(2) The privilege of any person to drive a motor vehicle whether such person holds a valid license;

(3) Any nonresident's operating privilege which shall mean the privilege conferred upon a nonresident by the laws of this state pertaining to the operation of a motor vehicle in this state by such person or the use in this state of a vehicle owned by such person;

(4) An employment driving permit issued as provided by sections 60-4,129 and 60-4,130; and

(5) A medical hardship driving permit issued as provided by sections 60-4,130.01 and 60-4,130.02.