Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,142

Chapter 60


CLP-commercial learner's permit issuance; renewal.

Any resident or nondomiciled applicant may obtain a CLP-commercial learner's permit from the department by making application to licensing staff of the department. An applicant shall present proof to licensing staff that he or she holds a valid Class O license or commercial driver's license or a foreign nondomiciled applicant shall successfully complete the requirements for the Class O license before a CLP-commercial learner's permit is issued. An applicant shall also successfully complete the commercial driver's license general knowledge examination under section 60-4,155 and examinations for all previously issued endorsements as provided in 49 C.F.R. 383.25(a)(3) and 49 C.F.R. 383.153(b)(2)(vii). Upon application, the examination may be waived if the applicant presents a Nebraska commercial driver's license which is valid or has been expired for less than one year, presents a valid commercial driver's license from another state, or is renewing a CLP-commercial learner's permit. The CLP-commercial learner's permit shall be valid for a period of one hundred eighty days. The CLP-commercial learner's permit holder may renew the CLP-commercial learner's permit for an additional one hundred eighty days without retaking the general and endorsement knowledge tests. The successful applicant shall pay the fee prescribed in section 60-4,115 for the issuance or renewal of a CLP-commercial learner's permit.