Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,117

Chapter 60


Operator's license or state identification card; form; department personnel or county treasurer; duties.

(1) An applicant shall present an issuance certificate to the county treasurer for an operator's license or state identification card. Department personnel or the county treasurer shall collect the applicable fee and surcharge as prescribed in section 60-4,115 and issue a receipt which is valid for up to thirty days. If there is cause for an operator's license to be issued, the receipt shall also authorize driving privileges for such thirty-day period. The license or card shall be delivered as provided in section 60-4,113.

(2) The operator's license and state identification card shall be in a form prescribed by the department. The license and card may include security features prescribed by the department. The license and card shall be conspicuously marked Nebraska Operator's License or Nebraska Identification Card, shall be, to the maximum extent practicable, tamper and forgery proof, and shall include the following information:

(a) The full legal name and principal residence address of the holder;

(b) The holder's full facial digital image;

(c) A physical description of the holder, including gender, height, weight, and eye and hair colors;

(d) The holder's date of birth;

(e) The holder's signature;

(f) The class of motor vehicle which the holder is authorized to operate and any applicable endorsements or restrictions;

(g) The issuance and expiration date of the license or card;

(h) The organ and tissue donation information specified in section 60-494;

(i) A veteran designation as provided in section 60-4,189; and

(j) Such other marks and information as the director may determine.

(3) Each operator's license and state identification card shall contain the following encoded, machine-readable information: The holder's full legal name; date of birth; gender; race or ethnicity; document issue date; document expiration date; principal residence address; unique identification number; revision date; inventory control number; and state of issuance.