Nebraska Revised Statute 60-384

Chapter 60


Nonresident carnival operator; thirty-day permit; fees; reciprocity.

Upon receipt of an application duly verified, a nonresident carnival operator shall be issued a thirty-day carnival operators' permit to operate in Nebraska upon the payment of the following fees: For the gross vehicle weight of sixteen thousand pounds or less, ten dollars; for more than sixteen thousand pounds and not more than twenty-eight thousand pounds, fifteen dollars; for more than twenty-eight thousand pounds and not more than forty thousand pounds, twenty dollars; and for more than forty thousand pounds and not more than seventy-three thousand two hundred eighty pounds, twenty-five dollars, except that such a permit shall be issued only to out-of-state operators when the jurisdiction in which the motor vehicle and trailer is registered grants reciprocity to Nebraska. Such fees shall be paid to the county treasurer or persons designated by the director, who shall have authority to issue the permit when the applicant is eligible and pays the required fee. All fees collected under this section shall be paid into the state treasury and by the State Treasurer credited to the Highway Cash Fund.