Nebraska Revised Statute 60-381

Chapter 60


Manufacturer or dealer; branch offices; separate registration; dealer's plates; use.

Whenever a manufacturer or dealer licensed under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act maintains a branch or subagency, the manufacturer or dealer shall apply for a separate registration for such branch or subagency and shall pay therefor the fees provided in section 60-3,114 for the registration of motor vehicles or trailers owned by or under the control of the manufacturer or dealer, and the determination of the department upon the question whether any establishment constitutes a branch or subagency, within the intent of this section, shall be conclusive. No manufacturer, dealer, or employee of a manufacturer or dealer shall cause or permit the display or other use of any license plate or certificate of registration which has been issued to such manufacturer or dealer except upon motor vehicles or trailers owned by such manufacturer or dealer.

Cross References

  • Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, see section 60-1401.