Nebraska Revised Statute 60-375

Chapter 60


Operation of vehicle without registration; finance company; repossession plates; fee.

(1) A finance company which is licensed to do business in this state may, in lieu of registering each motor vehicle or trailer repossessed, upon the payment of a fee of ten dollars, make an application to the department for a repossession registration certificate and one repossession license plate. Additional pairs of repossession certificates and repossession license plates may be procured for a fee of ten dollars each. Repossession license plates may be used only for operating or towing motor vehicles or trailers on the highways for the purpose of repossession, demonstration, and disposal of such motor vehicles or trailers. The repossession certificate shall be displayed on demand for any motor vehicle or trailer which has a repossession license plate. A finance company shall be entitled to a dealer license plate only in the event such company is licensed as a motor vehicle dealer or trailer dealer under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act.

(2) Repossession license plates shall be prefixed with a large letter R and be serially numbered from 1 to distinguish them from each other. Such license plates shall be displayed only on the rear of a repossessed motor vehicle or trailer.

Cross References

  • Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, see section 60-1401.