Nebraska Revised Statute 60-369

Chapter 60


Operation of vehicle without registration; purchase from state or political subdivision; proof of ownership.

Any purchaser of a motor vehicle or trailer from the State of Nebraska or any political subdivision of the state may operate such motor vehicle or tow such trailer without registration for a period of thirty days. Upon demand of proper authority, satisfactory proof of ownership, which shall be either the certificate of title to such motor vehicle or trailer with assignment thereof duly executed or a bill of sale which describes such motor vehicle or trailer with identification number, shall be presented by the person in charge of such motor vehicle or trailer for examination.


  • Pursuant to this section, one can lawfully operate an unregistered motor vehicle for 30 days without display of license plates or in-transit tags after purchasing the vehicle from a nonlicensed seller, provided one can produce the proper documentation upon demand. State v. Bowers, 250 Neb. 151, 548 N.W.2d 725 (1996).