Nebraska Revised Statute 60-364

Chapter 60


Transfer of vehicle; effect on registration.

Upon the transfer of ownership of any motor vehicle or trailer, its registration shall expire.


  • Transfer of ownership must be made under Certificate of Title Act. State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. v. Drawbaugh, 159 Neb. 149, 65 N.W.2d 542 (1954).

  • Even though purchaser receives a formal bill of sale to a motor vehicle conveying absolute title, as between the parties, a subsequently executed conditional sale contract signed by the purchaser creates a valid obligation. American Loan Plan v. Frazell, 135 Neb. 718, 283 N.W. 836 (1939).

  • Title to automobile can be transferred between living persons only by compliance with statute. In re Estate of Nielsen, 135 Neb. 110, 280 N.W. 246 (1938).

  • Substantial compliance with sections relating to transfer of ownership of automobile is required to convey title between living persons. Mackechnie v. Lyders, 134 Neb. 682, 279 N.W. 328 (1938).

  • This section does not provide exclusive method of transferring ownership of motor vehicle as it may be transferred by operation of law. Slagle v. Securities Investment Corp., 131 Neb. 319, 268 N.W. 294 (1936).

  • Title to automobile can only be transferred between living persons by compliance with statute. In re Estate of Wroth, 125 Neb. 832, 252 N.W. 322 (1934).

  • Failure of supposed owner to comply with requirements as to transfer of automobile, or to register the same, is a suspicious circumstance, sufficient to put purchaser upon inquiry. Wallich v. Sandlovich, 111 Neb. 318, 196 N.W. 317 (1923).

  • Whether description of motor truck in chattel mortgage, together with other inquiries suggested by contract itself is sufficient to enable third parties to identify truck, is a question for jury. State Bank of Omaha v. Murphy, 110 Neb. 526, 194 N.W. 442 (1923).