Nebraska Revised Statute 60-356

Chapter 60


Truck, defined.

Truck means a motor vehicle that is designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property or designated as a truck by the manufacturer.


  • Section 39-6,193, imposing vicarious liability on owners-lessors of trucks for damages by lessees and operators of the leased trucks, is constitutional. Bridgeford v. U-Haul Co., 195 Neb. 308, 238 N.W.2d 443 (1976).

  • Statute deals only with regulation of motor vehicles upon the highway and definition of word truck therein does not become part of insurance contract. Paltani v. Sentinel Life Ins. Co., 121 Neb. 447, 237 N.W. 392 (1931).

  • In replevin for motor truck under chattel mortgage, describing it by wrong serial number, question whether description in mortgage, together with other circumstances, was sufficient to identify truck, was for jury. State Bank of Omaha v. Murphy, 110 Neb. 526, 194 N.W. 442 (1923).