Nebraska Revised Statute 60-2904

Chapter 60


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act:

(1) Department means the Department of Motor Vehicles or the duly authorized agents or contractors of the department responsible to compile and maintain motor vehicle records;

(2) Disclose means to engage in any practice or conduct to make available and make known personal information contained in a motor vehicle record about a person to any other person, organization, or entity by any means of communication;

(3) Individual record means a motor vehicle record containing personal information about a designated person who is the subject of the record as identified in a request;

(4) Motor vehicle record means any record that pertains to a motor vehicle operator's or driver's license or permit, motor vehicle, trailer, motorboat, all-terrain vehicle, utility-type vehicle, snowmobile, or minibike registration or certificate of title, or state identification card issued by the department or any other state or local agency authorized to issue any of such forms of credentials;

(5) Person means an individual, organization, or entity;

(6) Personal information means information that identifies a person, including an individual's driver identification number, name, address excluding zip code, and telephone number, but does not include information on collisions, driving, operating, or equipment-related violations, or operator's license or registration status; and

(7) Sensitive personal information means an individual's operator's license digital image, social security number, and medical or disability information.