Nebraska Revised Statute 60-2401.01

Chapter 60


Restricted parking lots; unauthorized parking; towing; violation; penalty.

Except in cities of the metropolitan or primary class, any person parking a vehicle in a properly posted, restricted parking lot without the consent of the owner or tenant authorized to give permission shall be guilty of an infraction and the vehicle shall be subject to being towed away at the request of such lot owner or tenant. Any person found guilty under this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 29-436 for infractions. If the identity of the operator of a vehicle in violation of this section cannot be determined, the owner or person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held prima facie responsible for such infraction. When any law enforcement officer observes or is advised that a vehicle may be in violation of this section, he or she shall make a determination as to whether a violation has in fact occurred and, if so, shall personally serve or attach to such vehicle a citation pursuant to section 29-424, directed to the owner or operator of such vehicle, which shall set forth the nature of the violation. Any person who refuses to sign the citation or otherwise comply with the command of the citation shall be punished as provided by section 29-426. As used in this section, law enforcement officer shall include any authorized representative of a law enforcement agency.