Nebraska Revised Statute 60-162

Chapter 60


Department; powers; rules and regulations.

(1) The department may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to insure uniform and orderly operation of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act, and the county treasurer of each county shall conform to such rules and regulations and proceed at the direction of the department. The department shall also provide the county treasurers with the necessary training for the proper administration of the act.

(2) The department shall receive all instruments relating to vehicles forwarded to it by the county treasurers under the act and shall maintain indices covering the state at large for the instruments so received. These indices shall be by motor number or by an identification number and alphabetically by the owner's name and shall be for the state at large and not for individual counties.

(3) The department shall provide and furnish the forms required by the act, except manufacturers' or importers' certificates.

(4) The county treasurer shall keep on hand a sufficient supply of blank forms which, except certificate of title forms, shall be furnished and distributed without charge to manufacturers, dealers, or other persons residing within the county.