Nebraska Revised Statute 60-151

Chapter 60


Certificate of title obtained in name of purchaser; exceptions.

(1) The certificate of title for a vehicle shall be obtained in the name of the purchaser upon application signed by the purchaser, except that (a) for titles to be held by a married couple, applications may be accepted upon the signature of either spouse as a signature for himself or herself and as agent for his or her spouse and (b) for an applicant providing proof that he or she is a handicapped or disabled person as defined in section 60-331.02, applications may be accepted upon the signature of the applicant's parent, legal guardian, foster parent, or agent.

(2) This subsection applies beginning on an implementation date designated by the director. The director shall designate an implementation date which is on or before January 1, 2021. If the purchaser of a vehicle does not obtain a certificate of title in accordance with subsection (1) of this section within thirty days after the sale of the vehicle, the seller of such vehicle may request the department to update the electronic certificate of title record. The department shall update such record upon receiving evidence of a sale satisfactory to the director.