Nebraska Revised Statute 60-146

Chapter 60


Application; identification inspection required; exceptions; form; procedure; additional inspection authorized; agreement with motor vehicle dealer; county sheriff; duties.

(1) An application for a certificate of title for a vehicle shall include a statement that an identification inspection has been conducted on the vehicle unless (a) the title sought is a salvage branded certificate of title or a nontransferable certificate of title, (b) the surrendered ownership document is a Nebraska certificate of title, a manufacturer's statement of origin, an importer's statement of origin, a United States Government Certificate of Release of a vehicle, or a nontransferable certificate of title, (c) the application contains a statement that the vehicle is to be registered under section 60-3,198, (d) the vehicle is a cabin trailer, (e) the title sought is the first title for the vehicle sold directly by the manufacturer of the vehicle to a dealer franchised by the manufacturer, or (f) the vehicle was sold at an auction authorized by the manufacturer and purchased by a dealer franchised by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

(2) The department shall prescribe a form to be executed by a dealer and submitted with an application for a certificate of title for vehicles exempt from inspection pursuant to subdivision (1)(e) or (f) of this section. The form shall clearly identify the vehicle and state under penalty of law that the vehicle is exempt from inspection.

(3) The statement that an identification inspection has been conducted shall be furnished by the county sheriff of any county or by any other holder of a certificate of training issued pursuant to section 60-183, shall be in a format as determined by the department, and shall expire ninety days after the date of the inspection. The county treasurer shall accept a certificate of inspection, approved by the superintendent, from an officer of a state police agency of another state unless an inspection is required under section 60-174.

(4)(a) Except as provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection, the identification inspection shall include examination and notation of the then current odometer reading, if any, and a comparison of the vehicle identification number with the number listed on the ownership records, except that if a lien is registered against a vehicle and recorded on the vehicle's ownership records, the county treasurer shall provide a copy of the ownership records for use in making such comparison. If such numbers are not identical, if there is reason to believe further inspection is necessary, or if the inspection is for a Nebraska assigned number, the person performing the inspection shall make a further inspection of the vehicle which may include, but shall not be limited to, examination of other identifying numbers placed on the vehicle by the manufacturer and an inquiry into the numbering system used by the state issuing such ownership records to determine ownership of a vehicle. The identification inspection shall also include a statement that the vehicle identification number has been checked for entry in the National Crime Information Center and the Nebraska Crime Information Service. In the case of an assembled vehicle, a vehicle designated as reconstructed, or a vehicle designated as replica, the identification inspection shall include, but not be limited to, an examination of the records showing the date of receipt and source of each major component part. No identification inspection shall be conducted unless all major component parts are properly attached to the vehicle in the correct location.

(b) Each county sheriff shall establish a process by which to enter into an agreement with any motor vehicle dealer as defined in section 60-1401.26 with an established place of business as defined in section 60-1401.15 in the county in which the sheriff has jurisdiction in order to collect information for the identification inspection on motor vehicles which are in the inventory of the motor vehicle dealer at the dealer's established place of business in such county. The agreement entered into shall require that the motor vehicle dealer provide the required fee, a copy of the documents evidencing transfer of ownership, and the make, model, vehicle identification number, and odometer reading in a form and manner prescribed by the county sheriff, which shall include a requirement to provide one or more photographs or digital images of the vehicle, the vehicle identification number, and the odometer reading. The county sheriff shall complete the identification inspection as required under subdivision (a) of this subsection using such information and return to the motor vehicle dealer the statement that an identification inspection has been conducted for each motor vehicle as provided in subsection (3) of this section. If the information is incomplete or if there is reason to believe that further inspection is necessary, the county sheriff shall inform the motor vehicle dealer. If the motor vehicle dealer knowingly provides inaccurate or false information, the motor vehicle dealer shall be liable for any damages that result from the provision of such information. The motor vehicle dealer shall keep the records for five years after the date the identification inspection is complete.

(5) If there is cause to believe that odometer fraud exists, written notification shall be given to the office of the Attorney General. If after such inspection the sheriff or his or her designee determines that the vehicle is not the vehicle described by the ownership records, no statement shall be issued.

(6) The county treasurer or the department may also request an identification inspection of a vehicle to determine if it meets the definition of motor vehicle as defined in section 60-123.