Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1430.01

Chapter 60


Succession to new motor vehicle dealership by family member; conditions.

(1) Any designated family member of a deceased or incapacitated new motor vehicle dealer may succeed the dealer in the ownership or operation of the dealership under the existing dealer agreement if the designated family member gives the manufacturer or distributor written notice of his or her intention to succeed to the dealership within one hundred twenty days after the dealer's death or incapacity, agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the dealer agreement, and meets the current criteria generally applied by the manufacturer or distributor in qualifying new motor vehicle dealers. A manufacturer or distributor may refuse to honor the existing dealer agreement with the designated family member only for good cause.

(2) The manufacturer or distributor may request from a designated family member such personal financial data as is reasonably necessary to determine whether the existing dealer agreement should be honored. The designated family member shall supply the personal and financial data promptly upon the request.

(3) If a manufacturer or distributor believes that good cause exists for refusing to honor that succession, the manufacturer or distributor may, within sixty days after receipt of the notice of the designated family member's intent to succeed the dealer in the ownership and operation of the dealership, or within sixty days after the receipt of the requested personal and financial data, whichever is later, serve upon the designated family member notice of its refusal to approve the succession.

(4) The notice of the manufacturer or distributor provided in subsection (3) of this section shall state the specific ground for the refusal to approve the succession and that discontinuance of the agreement shall take effect not less than ninety days after the date the notice is served.

(5) If notice of refusal is not served within the sixty days provided for in subsection (3) of this section, the dealer agreement shall continue in effect and shall be subject to termination only as otherwise permitted by the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act.

(6) This section shall not preclude a new motor vehicle dealer from designating any person as his or her successor by written instrument filed with the manufacturer or distributor, and if such an instrument is filed, it alone shall determine the succession rights to the management and operation of the dealership.