Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1427

Chapter 60


Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; additional dealership; application; hearing; burden of proof.

Upon hearing, the franchisor shall have the burden of proof to establish that under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act the franchisor should be granted permission to terminate or not continue the franchise, to change the franchisee's community, or to enter into a franchise establishing an additional motor vehicle, combination motor vehicle and trailer, motorcycle, or trailer dealership.

Nothing contained in the act shall be construed to require or authorize any investigation by the board of any matter before the board under the provisions of sections 60-1420 to 60-1435. Upon hearing, the board shall hear the evidence introduced by the parties and shall make its decision solely upon the record so made.



  • The auto manufacturer-franchisor carries the burden of proof to provide evidence sufficient to terminate an auto franchise. American Motors Sales Corp. v. Perkins, 198 Neb. 97, 251 N.W.2d 727 (1977).