Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1425

Chapter 60


Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; additional dealership of same line-make; application; hearing; notice.

Upon receiving an application under section 60-1424, the board shall enter an order fixing a time, which shall be within ninety days of the date of such order, and place of hearing, and shall send by certified or registered mail, with return receipt requested, a copy of the order to the franchisee whose franchise the franchisor seeks to terminate, not continue, or change. If the application requests permission to change a franchisee's community or establish an additional motor vehicle, combination motor vehicle and trailer, motorcycle, or trailer dealership, a copy of the order shall be sent to all franchisees in the community who are then engaged in the business of offering to sell or selling the same line-make. Copies of orders shall be addressed to the franchisee at the place where the business is conducted. The board may also give notice of franchisor's application to any other parties whom the board may deem interested persons, such notice to be in the form and substance and given in the manner the board deems appropriate. Any person who can show an interest in the application may become a party to the hearing, whether or not he or she receives notice, but a party not receiving notice shall be limited to participation at the hearing on the question of the public interest in the termination or continuation of the franchise, the change in community, or the establishment of an additional motor vehicle dealership.