Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1411.01

Chapter 60


Administration and enforcement expenses; how paid; fees; licenses; expiration.

(1) To pay the expenses of the administration, operation, maintenance, and enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, the board shall collect with each application for each class of license fees not exceeding the following amounts:

(a) Motor vehicle dealer's license, four hundred dollars;

(b) Supplemental motor vehicle dealer's license, twenty dollars;

(c) Dealer's agent license, one hundred dollars;

(d) Motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer manufacturer's license, six hundred dollars;

(e) Distributor's license, six hundred dollars;

(f) Factory representative's license, twenty dollars;

(g) Distributor representative's license, twenty dollars;

(h) Finance company's license, four hundred dollars;

(i) Wrecker or salvage dealer's license, two hundred dollars;

(j) Factory branch license, two hundred dollars;

(k) Motorcycle dealer's license, four hundred dollars;

(l) Motor vehicle auction dealer's license, four hundred dollars; and

(m) Trailer dealer's license, four hundred dollars.

(2) The fees shall be fixed by the board and shall not exceed the amount actually necessary to sustain the administration, operation, maintenance, and enforcement of the act.

(3) Such licenses, if issued, shall expire on December 31 next following the date of the issuance thereof. Any motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer dealer changing its location shall not be required to obtain a new license if the new location is within the same city limits or county, all requirements of law are complied with, and a fee of twenty-five dollars is paid, but any change of ownership of any licensee shall require a new application for a license and a new license. Change of name of licensee without change of ownership shall require the licensee to obtain a new license and pay a fee of five dollars. Applications shall be made each year for a new or renewal license. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number.