Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1403

Chapter 60


Board; investigators; powers and duties; seal; records; authentication; review of action; when.

(1) The board may:

(a) Regulate the issuance and revocation of licenses in accordance with and subject to the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act;

(b) Perform all acts and duties provided for in the act necessary to the administration and enforcement of the act; and

(c) Make and enforce rules and regulations relating to the administration of but not inconsistent with the act.

(2) The board shall adopt a seal, which may be either an engraved or ink stamp seal, with the words Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board and such other devices as the board may desire included on the seal by which it shall authenticate the acts of its office. Copies of all records and papers in the office of the board under the hand and seal of its office shall be received in evidence in all cases equally and with like effect as the original.

(3) Investigators employed by the board may enter upon and inspect the facilities, the required records, and any vehicles, trailers, or motorcycles found in any licensed motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer dealer's established place or places of business.

(4) With respect to any action taken by the board, if a controlling number of the members of the board are active participants in the vehicle market in which the action is taken, the chairperson shall review the action taken and, upon completion of such review, modify, alter, approve, or reject the board's action.