Nebraska Revised Statute 60-138

Chapter 60


Manufacturer's or importer's certificate; vehicle identification number.

No manufacturer, importer, dealer, or other person shall sell or otherwise dispose of a new vehicle to a dealer to be used by such dealer for purposes of display and resale without (1) delivering to such dealer a duly executed manufacturer's or importer's certificate with such assignments as may be necessary to show title in the purchaser and (2) having affixed to the vehicle its vehicle identification number if it is not already affixed. No dealer shall purchase or acquire a new vehicle without obtaining from the seller such manufacturer's or importer's certificate.


  • There is no legal requirement that a lien be noted on a certificate of title purportedly covering property not subject to the Certificate of Title Act, even though a certificate of title for such property has been issued. Cushman Sales & Service of Nebraska, Inc. v. Muirhead, 201 Neb. 495, 268 N.W.2d 440 (1978).