Nebraska Revised Statute 59-823

Chapter 59


Violations; actions brought by state; advancement of cause; appeal.

When any suit in equity is brought in any court under sections 59-801 to 59-831 in which the state is complainant, the Attorney General may file with the clerk of such court a certificate that, in his or her opinion, the case is of general public importance, a copy of which certificate shall be immediately furnished by such clerk to the judge of the court in which the case is pending. Thereupon such case shall be given precedence over others and in every way expedited and be assigned for hearing at the earliest practicable day. An appeal from the final decree of the court shall lie to the Court of Appeals and shall be taken within thirty days after the entry of such decree or final order or within thirty days after entry of the order overruling a motion for a new trial in such case.