Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1744

Chapter 59


Marketing plan contract; contain notice of right to cancel.

Every seller-assisted marketing plan contract shall set forth immediately above the place at which the purchaser signs the contract in at least ten-point type the following:

You have three business days in which you may cancel this contract for any reason by mailing or delivering written notice to the seller-assisted marketing plan seller. The three business days shall expire on ........................, (last date to mail or deliver notice) and notice of cancellation should be mailed to ........................................, (seller-assisted marketing plan seller's name and business street address). If you choose to mail your notice, it must be placed in the United States mail properly addressed, first-class postage prepaid, and postmarked before midnight of the above date. If you choose to deliver your notice to the seller directly, it must be delivered to him or her by the end of his or her normal business day on the above date. Within five business days of receipt of the notice of cancellation, the seller shall return to the purchaser all sums paid by the purchaser to the seller pursuant to this contract. Within five business days after receipt of all such sums, the purchaser shall make available at his or her address or at the place at which they were caused to be located, all equipment, products, and supplies provided to the purchaser pursuant to this contract. Upon demand of the seller, such equipment, products, and supplies shall be made available at the time the purchaser receives full repayment by cash, money order, or certified check.