Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1742

Chapter 59


Marketing plan contract; contents; requirements.

Every seller-assisted marketing plan contract shall set forth in at least ten-point type or equivalent size if handwritten, the following:

(1) The terms and conditions of payment including the initial payment, additional payments, and downpayment required;

(2) A full and detailed description of the acts or services the seller will undertake to perform for the purchaser;

(3) The seller's principal business address and the name and address of its agent in the State of Nebraska authorized to receive service of process;

(4) The business form of the seller, whether a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or otherwise;

(5) The delivery date or, when the contract provides for a staggered delivery of items to the purchaser, the approximate delivery date of those products, equipment, or supplies the seller is to deliver to the purchaser to enable the purchaser to begin or maintain his or her business and whether the products, equipment, or supplies are to be delivered to the purchaser's home or business address or are to be placed or caused to be placed by the seller at locations owned or managed by persons other than the purchaser;

(6) A complete description of the nature of the buy-back or security arrangement, if the seller has represented orally or in writing when selling or leasing, soliciting, or offering a seller-assisted marketing plan that there is a buy-back or that the initial payment is secured; and

(7) A statement which accurately sets forth a purchaser's right to void the contract under the circumstances and in the manner set forth in sections 59-1752 to 59-1755.