Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1609

Chapter 59


Civil action for damages.

Any person who is injured in his or her business or property by a violation of sections 59-1602 to 59-1606, whether such injured person dealt directly or indirectly with the defendant, or any person so injured because he or she refuses to accede to a proposal for an arrangement which, if consummated, would be in violation of sections 59-1603 to 59-1606, may bring a civil action in the district court to enjoin further violations, to recover the actual damages sustained by him or her, or both, together with the costs of the suit, including a reasonable attorney's fee, and the court may in its discretion, increase the award of damages to an amount which bears a reasonable relation to the actual damages which have been sustained and which damages are not susceptible of measurement by ordinary pecuniary standards; except that such increased award for violation of section 59-1602 shall not exceed one thousand dollars. For the purpose of this section, person shall include the counties, the municipalities, and all political subdivisions of this state.

Whenever the State of Nebraska is injured by reason of a violation of sections 59-1603 to 59-1606, it may sue therefor in the district court to recover the actual damages sustained by it and to recover the costs of the suit including a reasonable attorney's fee.



  • Immunity under the Noerr-Pennington doctrine may be raised as an affirmative defense against claims for violations of sections 59-1602 and 59-1603 brought under this section. Salem Grain Co. v. Consolidated Grain & Barge Co., 297 Neb. 682, 900 N.W.2d 909 (2017).

  • As related to a cause of action for any person injured in violation of section 59-1604, this section contemplates an action by indirect purchasers. Arthur v. Microsoft Corp., 267 Neb. 586, 676 N.W.2d 29 (2004).