Nebraska Revised Statute 59-1403.01

Chapter 59


Music licensing agency; registration; fine; list of members.

(1) Beginning January 1, 2019, a music licensing agency shall not license or attempt to license the use of or collect or attempt to collect any compensation with regard to any sale, license, or other disposition of a performing right unless the music licensing agency registers and files annually, on or before February 15, with the Department of Revenue an electronic copy of each variation of the performing-rights agreement providing for the payment of royalties made available from the music licensing agency to any proprietor within this state. The registration shall be valid for the calendar year. The department shall impose a fine for failure to renew or register in the amount of ten thousand dollars for each forty-five-day period which has passed since February 15 of the registration year if a music licensing agency fails to renew a registration or engages in business without registration.

(2) Each registered music licensing agency shall make available electronically to proprietors the most current available list of members and affiliates represented by the music licensing agency and the most current available list of the performed works that the music licensing agency licenses.