Nebraska Revised Statute 58-858

Chapter 58


Nebraska Health Education Assistance Loan Program; authority; powers.

The authority may:

(1) Make loans;

(2) Participate in the financing of loans;

(3) Purchase or participate in the purchase of loans;

(4) Sell or participate in the sale of loans;

(5) Collect and pay reasonable fees and charges in connection with the exercise of the powers provided in subdivisions (1) through (4) of this section;

(6) Do all things necessary and convenient to carry out the purposes of sections 58-857 to 58-862 in connection with the administering and servicing of loans, including contracting with any person, firm, or other body, public or private;

(7) Enter into any agreements necessary to effect the guarantee, insuring, administering, or servicing of loans;

(8) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing and establish standards for participation in the program created by section 58-857, and establish other administrative procedures consistent with Public Law 94-484; and

(9) Exercise all powers incidental to or necessary for the performance of the powers authorized by this section.


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