Nebraska Revised Statute 58-853

Chapter 58


Authority; public purpose; exemptions from taxation.

The exercise of the powers granted by the Nebraska Educational, Health, Cultural, and Social Services Finance Authority Act shall be in all respects for the benefit of the people of the state, for the increase of their commerce, welfare, and prosperity, for the fostering, encouragement, protection, and improvement of their health and living conditions, and for the development of their intellectual and mental capacities and skills, and as the operation, maintenance, financing, or refinancing of a project or program by the authority or its agent will constitute the performance of essential governmental functions and serve a public purpose, neither the authority nor its agent shall be required to pay any taxes or assessments, upon or with respect to a project or any property acquired or used by the authority or its agent under the act, upon the income therefrom, or upon any other amounts received by the authority in respect thereof, including payments of principal of or premium or interest on or in respect of any securities purchased pursuant to section 58-844 or any government securities involved in a plan of financing pursuant to section 58-845. The bonds issued under the act, the interest thereon, the proceeds received by a holder from the sale of such bonds to the extent of the holder's cost of acquisition, or proceeds received upon redemption prior to maturity, proceeds received at maturity, and the receipt of such interest and proceeds shall be exempt from taxation in the State of Nebraska for all purposes except the state inheritance tax.