Nebraska Revised Statute 58-846

Chapter 58


Refunding bonds; issuance authorized; provisions applicable.

The authority is hereby authorized to provide by resolution for the issuance of refunding bonds for the purpose of refunding any bonds then outstanding which have been issued by it under the Nebraska Educational, Health, Cultural, and Social Services Finance Authority Act, including the payment of any redemption premium thereon and any interest accrued or to accrue to the date of maturity or earlier redemption of such bonds, and, in the case of a project and if deemed advisable by the authority, for the additional purposes of acquiring, constructing, improving, equipping, and renovating improvements, extensions, or enlargements of the project in connection with which the bonds to be refunded were issued and of paying any expenses which the authority determines may be necessary or incidental to the issuance of such refunding bonds and the acquiring, constructing, improving, equipping, and renovating of such improvements, extensions, or enlargements. Such refunding bonds shall be payable solely out of the revenue of the project, including any such improvements, extensions, or enlargements thereto, or program to which the bonds being refunded relate or as otherwise described in sections 58-841, 58-844, 58-845, 58-860, and 58-861. The issuance of such bonds, the maturities and other details thereof, the rights of the holders thereof, the rights, duties, and obligations of the authority with respect to such bonds, and the manner of sale thereof shall be governed by the act insofar as applicable.

The proceeds of any such bonds issued for the purpose of refunding outstanding bonds may, in the discretion of the authority, be applied to the purchase or retirement at maturity or earlier redemption of such outstanding bonds either on their earliest or any subsequent redemption date, upon the purchase of such bonds, or at the maturity of such bonds and may, pending such application, be placed in escrow to be applied to such purchase, retirement at maturity, or earlier redemption.

Any such escrowed proceeds, pending such use, may be invested and reinvested in direct obligations of the United States of America or obligations the timely payment of principal and interest on which is fully guaranteed by the United States of America, maturing at such time or times as shall be appropriate to assure the prompt payment of the principal of and interest and redemption premium, if any, on the outstanding bonds to be so refunded. The interest, income, and profits, if any, earned or realized on any such investment may also be applied to the payment of the outstanding bonds to be so refunded. Only after the terms of the escrow have been fully satisfied and carried out may any balance of such proceeds, interest, income, or profits earned or realized on the investments thereof be returned to the eligible institution for whose benefit the refunded bonds were issued for use by it in any lawful manner.

All such bonds shall be subject to the act in the same manner and to the same extent as other revenue bonds issued pursuant to the act.