Nebraska Revised Statute 58-834

Chapter 58


Authority; issue bonds; make loans; conditions.

The authority may issue bonds and make loans to an eligible institution and refund or reimburse outstanding obligations, mortgages, or advances, including advances from an endowment or any similar fund, issued, made, or given by such eligible institution for the cost of a project, including the power to issue bonds and make loans to an eligible institution to refinance indebtedness incurred or to reimburse advances made for projects undertaken prior thereto whenever the authority has received a written letter of intent to underwrite, place, or purchase the bonds from a financial institution having the powers of an investment bank, commercial bank, or trust company and finds that such financing or refinancing is in the public interest, and either: (1) Alleviates a financial hardship upon the eligible institution; (2) results in a lesser cost of education, health care services, cultural services, or social services; or (3) enables the eligible institution to offer greater security for a loan or loans to finance a new project or projects or to effect savings in interest costs or more favorable amortization terms.