Nebraska Revised Statute 58-820

Chapter 58


Authority member or employee; conflict of interest; abstention.

Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, it shall not be or constitute a conflict of interest for a trustee, director, officer, or employee of any educational institution, health care institution, cultural institution, social services institution, financial institution, commercial bank or trust company, architecture firm, insurance company, or any firm, person, or corporation to serve as a member of the authority, but such trustee, director, officer, or employee shall abstain from any deliberation or action by the authority when the business affiliation of any such trustee, director, officer, or employee is involved. The executive director may serve less than full time. If the executive director serves less than full time, his or her other employment, if any, shall be reviewed by the members of the authority for potential conflicts of interest and whether such other employment would prevent the executive director from fully discharging his or her duties. No member of the authority may be a representative of a bank, investment banking firm, or other financial institution that underwrites the bonds of the authority.