Nebraska Revised Statute 58-502

Chapter 58


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds and declares the following facts and purposes of the Nebraska Redevelopment Act:

(1) It is the policy of this state to make revisions in its statutory structure if this will encourage both new and existing businesses to relocate to and expand in Nebraska and to provide appropriate inducements to encourage them to do so if this will aid in the economic and population growth of the state and help create better jobs for the citizens of the State of Nebraska and if this can be done in a fiscally sound and effective manner;

(2) The prevention and elimination of blighted and substandard areas is a matter of state public policy and public interest;

(3) There exists in and around certain cities of this state areas which are blighted and substandard due to a lack of sufficient economic activity, public and private infrastructure, job growth, wage levels, population growth, low-income and moderate-income housing, business expansion, and new construction;

(4) Such conditions have prevented economic and population growth in certain areas and are beyond remedy solely by the normal regulatory process and the ordinary operations of private enterprise; and

(5) The elimination of such conditions through the rehabilitation, acquisition, and redevelopment of such areas, and the application of ad valorem taxes on new investment in such areas, as provided in the act, are public uses and public purposes which the Legislature intends that the act will help accomplish.


  • Laws 1995, LB 830, § 2.