Nebraska Revised Statute 57-910.01

Chapter 57


Unit or cooperative development; application for order for unit operation; contents.

Any owner may file an application with the commission requesting an order for the unit operation of a pool, pools, or parts thereof and for the pooling of the interests in the oil and gas in the proposed unit area for the purpose of conducting such unit operation. The application shall contain:

(1) A description of the land and pool, pools, or parts thereof to be so operated, termed the unit area;

(2) The names of all persons owning or having an interest in the oil and gas in the proposed unit area or the production therefrom, including mortgagees and the owners of other liens or encumbrances, as disclosed by the public records in the county in which the unit area is situated and their addresses, if known. If the name or address of any person is unknown, the application shall so indicate;

(3) A statement of the type of the operations contemplated in order to effectuate the purposes of sections 57-910 to 57-910.12;

(4) A proposed plan of unitization applicable to the proposed unit area which the petitioner considers fair, reasonable, and equitable; and

(5) A proposed operating plan covering the manner in which the unit will be supervised and managed and costs allocated and paid, unless all owners within the unit area have already executed an operating agreement covering such supervision, management, and allocation and payment of costs.


  • Laws 1965, c. 343, § 2, p. 976.